Baan Navy

Baan Navy


Our interpretation of the classic tennis silhouettes of the 1970s, simplified for everyday wear. Featuring traditional butterfly tongue and double-wrapped foxing construction, organic and sustainably sourced materials and Eco-Ortholite® Insoles.


Unisex, Sizes 36-47 Sizing


  • 12.4oz Organic Cotton Canvas Upper

  • 10.5oz Organic Cotton Canvas Lining

  • Cork Covered Eco-Ortholite® Insole

  • Natural Rubber Foxing & Outsole

  • Organic Cotton Laces

  • Constructed with Water Based Glues

  • All Prices in $NZD

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Transparent Markups


From the outset we've been driven by a belief that simple, naturally derived products should be available at democratic, rather than exclusive prices.


By eschewing the traditional retail pricing model and partnering directly with our factory, we're able to reduce overinflated margins, reducing the total cost to our customers.



Our Partners


We work directly with our production partner in Dongguan, China, visiting quarterly to work alongside them sourcing, developing, testing and fine tuning each product we release.


Run by a mixed team comprising New Zealanders, British and Chinese, the best of both Western and Eastern values are present in the workplace culture. 


Most importantly, a commitment to ethical manufacturing is reflected throughout the workplace. All workers are payed a living wage, and are provided multiple benefits including health insurance, a pension, on-site accomodation, and access to English lessons.



Naturally Sourced


In an effort to reduce the long term impact of the products we create, we go to great lengths to limit our use of synthetic materials to the bare minimum.


The uppers and laces on our sneakers are all made from a tightly woven organic cotton canvas, while the foxing and outsole are natural rubber latex from the Hevea Brasiliensis, tapped and collected by hand.


For cushioning we use Eco-Ortholite® insoles derived from renewable castor oil rather than petroleum based, covered with a naturally sustainable cork veneer that helps wick moisture away from the feet.